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Talk About Turning A Corner!

First let me apologize for not getting new Storied Impressions Photo/Words for this month yet.  It has been a bit of a unique month so far.  Here is why…

Last Saturday I was searching the TIEonline site for international teaching positions and a new one pop in that said Burma.  What the heck, I thought, why not check it out.

The description of the school and country were mesmerizing and I just had to take a chance and apply.

A bit silly of me as the open position was classified as Elementary – which I have never taught.  My teaching certification and experience thus far has been in Middle School, High School and college.

So I was thinking it was a long shot.  But they obviously needed someone asap as the school year starts May 20th.

On Sunday morning I woke up to an email from the director of the school saying he wanted to speak with me.

So Monday morning, 6:30am my time (8pm there time) I was interviewed via Skype.  I thought it went well, but he was flying to Thailand the next day to interview 3 other candidates.

So to my huge surprise, on Tuesday morning I woke to a job offer and contract!  WOW!

So now I have 22 days until I fly out on May 9th (just booked my airplane ticket last night).

I am so excited I can barely stand it.  Such an amazing country to go and explore.  Talk about turning a Corner!

Myanmar (Burma) is primarily a Buddhist country full of wonderful traditions I am so excited to delve into.

The school is an International school and will be starting its second year when I arrive.

Here is the link to the school – check it out!

Ayeyarwaddy International School: www.aismyanmar.com/

You pronounce the school name: Aye-yar-wah-dee (stress on “wah”) according to the director.

So packing, packing, packing… and then I’m outta here!

***And on that note, I’m going to combine my two blogs so that I can more easily update you all on my adventures through photo and non-fiction stories of my experiences.  So anyone wanting to continue to follow me on this adventure – sign up for my Sunshine Impressions blog here as this one I will not be updating any longer.

I hope you stay to enjoy the ride with me!

Mingalar Bar (Have good things unto you!)  🙂  Gretchen


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