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Musical Inspiration for the Writer

Does music inspire you to write?

For instance, if you were listening to Tchaikovsky’s 1812 overture, the part where it is at the peak of the crescendo and the canons are exploding… do you see anything?

Is there a character running from the guns, blood-stained face with bayonet in hand?  Is the sky dark and brooding, then flares and explodes?  Do you hear the cries of the wounded soldiers?

I was reading one of my favorite blogs today: Nail Your Novel, and the focus was on a Russian writer that uses music to inspire his writing.  Here is a bit of what Grigory Ryzhakov said:

“Music was also very important to me when I first started writing fiction seven years ago. My so far unpublished and untitled Russian-language sci-fi novel contains several episodes of gripping action. I listened to the Inception film soundtrack by Hans Zimmer to get myself in the mood for writing them. Thumping drums and basses associated in my mind with escalating threat of peril, I could feel the adrenaline rush as if I was at my character’s side. This music affected the way I wrote those action scenes: with shorter sentences, rhyming syllables, like gunshots. No room for reflection.”

He goes on to say that he writes in silence.  He just listens to specific types of music before he writes to get himself in the mood.  I thought this was genius.  I have never tried it.  I have three pieces I am currently working on – all kid-lit, so what to put me in the mood?  Hmm.. iTunes here I come!

Do you use music to inspire your writing mood?  Do you listen while you write or just before?  Can the music have words?  Curious to know what you think – leave a comment below!


As to Storied Impressions’ NEST theme this month of March – not many participated – in fact just AR Neal of One Starving Activist and myself – thanks AR!

As for myself, I have been busy on writing projects that I am trying to get published – I know, no excuse!  I’ll definitely get some good stories up for April – the theme:  Corners

The angle of the sun right now is great for capturing all sorts of corners.

I hope you’ll join me!  Send your photos and stories and I’ll post them.


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