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Theme for March: Nests

New Month, New Theme… Nests

Review of Instructions for Submissions:

Grab your camera and take photos that represent the theme to you.

Then, once you have a bunch of stellar pictures, choose your favorite and write a creative piece that shares your insight into the photo you took: story, poem etc.  Be extraordinary!  (250 words-ish)


Send your photos (via attachment and in jpg format) and  your story/words to the following e-mail:    storiedimpressions at gmail dot com

In the subject line:     SI Submission

Please make the size of your photo a max of 680 pixels horizontally so it will fit prominently in the blog.

In the body of the email – paste your story/words.

Please include your name and website so that I can give you full credit and link it to your site.

THEN…Read at least three other posts and comment, comment, comment!

Be interactive.  A community is more fun than going alone.

Have fun – submit often!


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February Winner of the Clematis Award

Clematis Award IconClematis Winner for February 2013

Red Ribbon
by Alexandra Weston
Twitter: @AlexWestonyork

Congratulations to Alexandra for a beautiful photograph and words.
Alexandra, feel free to download the Clematis Award icon to let your followers know of your great success!

And a BIG Thank You to all who voted!

To read Alexandra’s winning piece go to the Clematis Winner’s Circle page.

Then participate for MARCH – the theme is: Nests

Take a photo of something you consider to be a nest and then write a short (250 words-ish) piece to accompany the photo.  Email me (storiedimpressions (at)gmail(dot)com) your photo (jpg) and words and I’ll post on this blog shortly thereafter.

Have fun, enter as often as you like.  Looking forward to seeing and reading great things from you all.

Here’s to March!


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Voting Time!

Clematis Award IconTime to Vote for February’s
Clematis Award Winner.

Voting is only open 24 hours.
~  So don’t delay!  ~


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Dwelling On The Mystery

Oscar + Museu de ArtePhoto and Story
by Gretchen Fogelstrom

He just sat there staring.  I think he could see his own reflection in the glass.  But from my angle it looked like he was dwelling on the tears streaming down her face.  I could almost hear him say to himself, “why, why does she cry?” as he cocked his head to the right.

He sat there for nearly an hour.  So quiet. So still. Just staring.

Then, slowly he raised his paw, reaching out to touch the red side of her face, sweet and caressing.  It was so gentle and full of emotion.  His paw curling and un-curling.

His head righted and then all of a sudden he jumped, straight into the picture, the blue and white strands of her hair parted and he was gone.  I think I saw a small upward movement in the corners of her mouth and the tracks of her tears seemed to fade.


The Trifecta weekly challenge word: DWELL, combined with Storied Impressions theme: RED.

I took the photo of this painting I have hanging in my house – painted for me by the Director of the Museo de Arte in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala 20 years ago!  And then super-imposed the silhouette of my cat Oscar.

Ever thought of jumping into the world of a painting?


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