Welcome to Storied Impressions!  

A place that captures your unique photos and expressive words.

Here is how it works…

Each month check out the new THEME.

Grab your camera and take photos that represent the theme to you.

Then, once you have a bunch of stellar pictures, choose your favorite and write a creative piece that shares your insight into the photo you took: story, poem etc.  Be extraordinary!  (250 words-ish)


Send your photos (via attachment and in jpg format) and story/words to the following e-mail:    storiedimpressions at gmail dot com

In the subject line:     SI Submission

Please make the size of your photo a max of 680 pixels horizontally so it will fit prominently in the blog.

In the body of the email – paste your story/words.

Please include your name and website so that I can give you full credit and link it to your site.

THEN…See and read at least three other posts and comment, comment, comment!

Be interactive.  A community is more fun than going alone.

At the end of the month we all vote and three lucky winners will receive the coveted Clematis award Clematis Award Icon and their creativity is placed permanently on the Winner’s Circle page.

The winners will also be sent the Clematis award icon to place on their own website that links back to the winner’s circle page.

The clematis symbolizes ingenuity, traveler’s joy and mental beauty!

Then check out the Theme for the next month and start snapping those photos!

Join us any time, any month.  Just join us!


A Few General Guidelines:

Subscribe to this blog so that you get a notification when new posts come out.  And tell all your friends to join us, the more the merrier – even if they do not want to snap and write, they can read and comment!

Don’t just take the theme word literally, think outside of the box, or take it literally, your choice.
~ example: Theme: Filter– are you imagining a camera lens, a coffee filter, a therapist, a cloud?  Excellent!

If you want to take a number of your photos and make a collage – feel free.  Be creative.
** Please keep your photos PG – thanks!**

It can be a story, a poem, a descriptor, the emotions or reasons why you chose that photo.  Whatever you write be imaginative, let loose!  You have up to 250 words max… Give or take…   And don’t write excessive curse words or use pornographic descriptions.  Let’s keep it clean.

Please post comments on at least three other posts during the month – this will generate lots of community and interaction.  Plus, don’t you want to hear what folks have to say about your artistic endeavor?

Voting time!
During the last three days of each month, you will find a poll on this site.  This is where you get to vote on your favorite Photo/Words duo.  The top three with the most votes will be deemed Clematis Award Winners of the month and be permanently place on the Winners Circle page.  Here, here to the extraordinary!

Thanks for your interest in Storied Impressions and I hope you have a great time exploring the world through your lens and words.

8 responses to “Instructions

  1. So, no more flickr? I was sort of enjoying that 🙂 Am preparing to send my submission over this afternoon…

  2. Okay! Done 🙂 Here is the link to my photo, which I also added on the Storied Impressions group:

  3. Marisa

    Thank you for stopping by my blog, it gave me the opportunity to check out yours. I LOVE this idea, especially since I write and take photographs. It’s the best of both worlds! I’ll definitely be contributing in the future 🙂

    • Wonderful and thank you! I have another blog that is more regularly updated and tends towards things that make me happy – But Storied Impressions is strictly for photo/stories. Its been fun.

      And your blog. Well, really your writing. It is exquisite. I hope you are working on a fiction book for publication – I’d love to read more. I just started following you and look forward to reading your words.

      • Marisa

        Oh great, I’ll be sure to check out your other one as well. And thank you again for your kind words. It’s definitely an idea I plan to pursue in the very near future 🙂

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