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Moving to Mandalay, Myanmar

Hi All – Big news, if you haven’t already read below – I am moving to Myanmar to teach 5th grade at an International school.  I’m very excited!

And as I will be having so much fun and trying to keep everyone abreast of my adventures, I’ve decided to just have one blog that will capture my photos, stories, adventures etc.

So please join me at my blog: Sunshine Impressions.  On the right side of the home page there is a follow-me button – type in your email address and you’ll be notified when I post.

Hope to see you at Sunshine Impressions!



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Talk About Turning A Corner!

First let me apologize for not getting new Storied Impressions Photo/Words for this month yet.  It has been a bit of a unique month so far.  Here is why…

Last Saturday I was searching the TIEonline site for international teaching positions and a new one pop in that said Burma.  What the heck, I thought, why not check it out.

The description of the school and country were mesmerizing and I just had to take a chance and apply.

A bit silly of me as the open position was classified as Elementary – which I have never taught.  My teaching certification and experience thus far has been in Middle School, High School and college.

So I was thinking it was a long shot.  But they obviously needed someone asap as the school year starts May 20th.

On Sunday morning I woke up to an email from the director of the school saying he wanted to speak with me.

So Monday morning, 6:30am my time (8pm there time) I was interviewed via Skype.  I thought it went well, but he was flying to Thailand the next day to interview 3 other candidates.

So to my huge surprise, on Tuesday morning I woke to a job offer and contract!  WOW!

So now I have 22 days until I fly out on May 9th (just booked my airplane ticket last night).

I am so excited I can barely stand it.  Such an amazing country to go and explore.  Talk about turning a Corner!

Myanmar (Burma) is primarily a Buddhist country full of wonderful traditions I am so excited to delve into.

The school is an International school and will be starting its second year when I arrive.

Here is the link to the school – check it out!

Ayeyarwaddy International School:

You pronounce the school name: Aye-yar-wah-dee (stress on “wah”) according to the director.

So packing, packing, packing… and then I’m outta here!

***And on that note, I’m going to combine my two blogs so that I can more easily update you all on my adventures through photo and non-fiction stories of my experiences.  So anyone wanting to continue to follow me on this adventure – sign up for my Sunshine Impressions blog here as this one I will not be updating any longer.

I hope you stay to enjoy the ride with me!

Mingalar Bar (Have good things unto you!)  🙂  Gretchen


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April Theme: Corners

When I conjured up the theme for April, back in December, I was envisioning sunshine filtering through the branches creating long shadows that bend and fracture.  My mind thought corners.  But of course your corners could be a photo of the edge of an iPhone or a door jam, someone (or something) walking away, turning a corner.  Be creative with your photo and then write something fun to accompany it.

Dog Turning A Corner, 1980
By Fernando Botero

Then, most importantly, share!

Send your photos (via attachment and in jpg format) – paste your story/words into the e-mail body and send to:   

storiedimpressions at gmail dot com.

I’ll then post and we can all enjoy.

Have a great and creative April everyone!


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