Theme for March: Nests

New Month, New Theme… Nests

Review of Instructions for Submissions:

Grab your camera and take photos that represent the theme to you.

Then, once you have a bunch of stellar pictures, choose your favorite and write a creative piece that shares your insight into the photo you took: story, poem etc.  Be extraordinary!  (250 words-ish)


Send your photos (via attachment and in jpg format) and  your story/words to the following e-mail:    storiedimpressions at gmail dot com

In the subject line:     SI Submission

Please make the size of your photo a max of 680 pixels horizontally so it will fit prominently in the blog.

In the body of the email – paste your story/words.

Please include your name and website so that I can give you full credit and link it to your site.

THEN…Read at least three other posts and comment, comment, comment!

Be interactive.  A community is more fun than going alone.

Have fun – submit often!



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2 responses to “Theme for March: Nests

  1. I just added a photo to my blog and to the Flickr group for this month’s prompt; I called it “Snow Birds” 🙂

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