The Big Day

Photo Credit: Ermisenda:

Photo Credit: Ermisenda:

Story by Gretchen Fogelstrom

The morning had been dark and threatening.  My mood was the same.  I felt I couldn’t rise to the occasion.  Even if the occasion was a celebration of Me.  But did I really have any choice?

My friends, thank goodness I have good friends, had been organizing a party to celebrate my 50th birthday, under the stars, with sparkling lights of all colors, a fun band, good food and drink and probably lots and lots of dancing.

I had to pull out of my funk.  I needed to feel alive, not half-way to dead.  But just as I was about to crawl  back-under the covers a knock at the door.  I grumpily got up and opened to my dearest friend, coffees in hand.   “Happy Birthday” she gently said as she noticed my scowl.

In her hand was a not only coffee, which I took greedily, but a bag with the insignia of my favorite dress shop.  As she sat down she told me that I had half an hour to shower and then she was whisking me off to a day at the spa – full treatment.  Just us girls.  Being 50 was going to start off with luxury and end with laughing on the dance floor, according to her.

I couldn’t help but smile.  Before I could rise to shower, she pulled out of her bag the beautiful red dress I had been eying for a month, but couldn’t justify the cost.  I couldn’t help but start to cry.  How could I possibly have such an amazing friend?  50 was going to be great.


Picture It & Write!   I decided to combine Storied Impressions RED theme with Picture It & Write’s photo prompt this week – hope you enjoyed!


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7 responses to “The Big Day

  1. Nicely done! Fifty is the new forty these days! 🙂

  2. I like this Gretchen. I hope you’re looking forward to the Big Day!

  3. Loved this line – ‘I had to pull out of my funk. I needed to feel alive, not half-way to dead.’ Hahah, made me smile. She is only 50 years young! Why should we also say ‘so and so years OLD’. We’re not old. We’re as young as we want to feel. 🙂 Thanks for contributing! I hope to see you again next week.

    – Ermisenda

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