Story and Photo
by Christine Funk

Mac’s favorite color went from pink to red. His favorite shirt is his red Spiderman shirt.  His favorite boots have red on them. Red is part of our new world. All colors in fact have become important because we are learning to identify them.  I never thought colors would be hard to learn, but for little ones it takes some time and repetition.  His Omi, my mother, sent us a wonderful Christmas Advent Calendar  this year with little cubbies for each day containing art, art painted by my mom sent with love to her grandson.  Red was a prominent color within all the objects and the collage seems to have a red hue to it producing an art piece that Mac loves…his favorite new art in his room.


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2 responses to “RED: MAC

  1. Love the energy of the photo and so fun that it came from Mac’s Omi!

  2. It echoes how quickly children change their favourite things, my youngest nephew loved pink and Peppa Pig for a whole year, that has to be a record. I really like the artwork and found this story endearing. It took me back to childhood memories. I don’t remember learning my colours, I do remember struggling with all the colours in the rainbow.

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