RED: Survival

Photo and Story
by Gretchen Fogelstrom

Sharply he turned and plopped the last ice-cold berry into her mouth.  It felt brusque and she hadn’t been expecting it.  She thought he would save them for a more desperate time.

But now they were gone.  They had eaten all of them. There was nothing else.

Just as quickly, Jake rose and brushed his hands as if they were dusty.  His nervous energy was keeping him warm.  Justine felt a terror gripping her chest.  She couldn’t move.  She needed him.  She looked down and saw that the blood had frozen into a kind of cast around her knee.

If the search crew didn’t find them soon, she wouldn’t make it.  But as she thought this, her mind went somewhere, wandering.  She couldn’t control it.  It was as if it, she, were floating above her.  She looked down and saw lots of frozen, little, red berries all around her leg.  She couldn’t believe how sloppy Jake had been.  She reached out and tried to grab them, harshly, but one at time.  But her fingers kept missing them.  Desperate, she began clawing at them and soon she was screaming.

Where was Jake, why wouldn’t he help her?  She needed nourishment.  She needed to survive. Where was he?

As Jake turned to see Justine grabbing at the bloody snow that lay around her, he heard the deep swoosh of their saviors’ wings.


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8 responses to “RED: Survival

  1. Wow. I read this through several times and I have come up with a couple of stories in my mind, not sure if my interpretation is close to your intention or not.

    • Do share – that is what this blog is all about. Take a photo of something red, write a 250-ish word story and email both to me – include a link to your blog and I’ll post – let’s see what your thoughts are! Join us.

      • Sorry, I meant I had a few ideas about the meaning of your story. I found your blog yesterday and loved the idea of your writing challenges, I emailed my submission to you yesterday. I wrote mine before I read any of this month’s entries. I look forward to hearing what you think.

  2. Feel free to delete the previous reply I mis-read your message, have just emailed again. Hope you get it, it is probably hiding in your junk mail filter.

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