The Hurricane

Photo (via iPhone) and Story
by Gretchen Fogelstrom

Battered, assaulted, weathered.

Hammered, thrown, gnarled.

My home, my community; destroyed.

After the hurricane belched its malicious laughter, we nearly died.

Tears, heaving, sorrow.

Sun, blue, windless.

My home, my community; Reborn.


The Trifecta Writing Challenge
Weekend Edition: 33 word example of personification

So I took their challenge and combined it with Storied Impressions Theme for January: Weathered and the above is the result.

So – what do you think of the picture and/or story?
Leave a comment!


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24 responses to “The Hurricane

  1. That last line says it all. Well done!

  2. Good luck to you and everyone else. Thanks for sharing your poem with us. It is very well done.

  3. Wow, I was happy to see the last line. Quite an impact your words have mirroring the hurricane impact. I live in CA now, but as a kid we spent every summer on Long Beach Island, NJ which was obliterated. So sad – as is your story. I love your photograph as well. Something I’d like to learn this year – photography. I’m terrible at it.

    • Hi Steph – thanks for the comments. If you want to try dabbling in photography AND writing – head to my blog Storied Impressions – It is for exactly that. I have all the details on how to participate – join us – its so much fun. Thanks again for the above.

  4. beautifully worded hope

  5. A bit of an over achiever, eh? Great combination here. The image and the story.

  6. Loved the line,”After the hurricane belched its malicious laughter, we nearly died.”-well written Gretchen:-)

  7. Draug419

    This is very powerful. Great job!

  8. kymminbarcelona

    Thank goodness for the reborn.

  9. Lovely and poignant. Am so sorry for this devastation in your life.

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  11. That was some hurricane!

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