A year-long journey of exploration
through the lens and the written word.

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One Day

photo and story by
Gretchen Fogelstrom

The morning dawned with a chill in the air.  I was cocooned in my petals, surrounded by the fibrous fluff that tingled with the stirrings of the dew.  As the early light reached me, I had an overwhelming desire to unfurl myself to the world.  The warmer the sun, the faster I unraveled.  I gloried in the movement.

I reached for the warm ball in the sky and lay myself bare, exposed and open to the joy of what the day would bring.  My body gently moved with the spring breezes.

When a cloud passed by, my arms shivered and came close.   But as the sun resumed his power, I once again opened freely to the warmth he exuded.

Throughout the day I was visited by friends, all a buzz with the day’s news.

In the late afternoon, a wind kicked up and I went dancing to its tempo, laughing as the vibrations moved through me.

As the evening drew near and the shadows deepened, I looked inward, welcoming the calm, slowly nestling into the folds of my home.


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  1. Kristin

    This is so nice! Looking forward to future posts!

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